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The Polymath Network is now live.
Thank you to all of our early supporters!

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What is a Polymath security token? A Polymath security token is a ERC20 compatible token which represents a security. These could represent equity in a hedge fund, trust, bonds, debt, or real estate, they may pay dividends or even allow voting rights.
Why invest in security tokens? Unlike utility tokens which only grant you access to a particular sevice and can easily lose all of their value, security tokens can be backed by real assets and follow well established regulatory requirements to protect investors from fraud.
How do Polymath security tokens meet regulatory requirements? In order for an issuer to sell a security token they must go through the process of finding a legal delegate to ensure the offering meets regulatory requirements. As an investor you should always do your due diligence on not only the issuer, but also the legal delegate which was chosen for the offering and the KYC provider which verified their identities. This can be done by looking at delegate and KYC provider reputations i.e. previous issuances, amounts raised, number of users verified, etc.
How do I purchase security tokens? The first step is to signup, so that you can receive notifications when new issuances take place and which KYC provider is required for the security token. Next you must ensure you have KYC verified yourself with the issuers selected provider (if you already have before then you don't need to do it again), and finally you need to contribute to the security token offering (contribution details may vary).
How can I sell security tokens? Depending on the regulatory requirements, securities may need to be locked up for a period after the initial issuance. However, once the token is freely tradeable it will be transferrable to any verified ethereum address on through any means. It is also possible that the security token be listed on certain exchanges allowing for global liquidity 24/7 365 days a year with instant settlement times.
Who is Polymath? Polymath is a decentralized network operated on the Ethereum blockchain. It is powered by individual participants such as legal delegates, KYC providers, issuers, investors, and regulators.